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Who We Are

On July 2, 2012 we were officially declared the Parents for Public Schools (PPS) of Greenwood & Leflore County (GLC) Chapter here in the Delta.

Later in August, we were incorporated with the State of Mississippi.

PPS of Greenwood & Leflore County is multi district and multifunctional. We work in behalf of all children in the public schools in Greenwood and Leflore County.  This chapter was established because most of our schools in both districts, City and County, are in academic trouble, struggling to maintain or reach adequate yearly progress (AYP). Also, there is an urgency for parental and community involvement. PPS of Greenwood & Leflore County, Inc greatest desire is to assist schools in taking control of what they can to disrupt the cycle of low performing and become high performing schools. Together we can make this happen. PPS of GLC will bring together in a working relationship, parents from diverse background and all stakeholders to improve and strengthen our local public schools. 

Parents will attend our Leadership Institute and be equipped and empowered with skills and tools needed for impacting student’s achievement and giving assistance to other parents.  Parents will become active problem solvers and equal partners in the educational process of all children in both districts. The PPS of GLC will strive earnestly at crossing racial, cultural and socioeconomic barriers to develop partnerships and mobilize parents, community’s leaders and businesses in the city and rural communities that are needed for effectively promoting the best education for all students. Also, PPS of Greenwood & Leflore County, Inc will teach parents how to be engaged in local, state, and national issues impacting education. By using PPS’ strategies, techniques and resources, together with dedicated stakeholders, much can and will be successfully achieved. 

PPS of Greenwood & Leflore County understands the importance of mobilizing the whole community. 

According to research, Toplin (2007) states that when a whole community: families, churches, businesses, community leaders become involved personally in the educational process, the value system of that community changes.  Children become motivated and school improvement is noted. Suspensions and drop-out rate decrease, graduation and attendance increase, and student achievement is impacted.